Review: Boyhood (2014)

There are films that you simply view, and others that… Well, they’re more than that. Richard Linklater’s masterpiece Boyhood transcends the realm of traditional film, becoming something almost purely documentational; seemingly a look into somebody’s home movies. The deftness with which Boyhood tells its story, with a timelessness relatable to nearly any childhood, as well as a living, beating heart, is a feat worth applauding for years to come, not just because of how long it took to make the film, but because of how successfully its vision was realized in the end. This film is one that will most likely stay unique to itself forever; a vision so well realized, with the ability to both absorb its audience into itself, and parallel reality to the point of uncanniness, is something I don’t think will happen for a very long time, if ever again. Everyone must experience this film.

My Rating:



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