Review: Interstellar (2014)

I had been profoundly excited for Interstellar leading up to its release. Director Christopher Nolan hadn’t released a bad film yet, and a science fiction epic of his was no doubt going to be gold. That being said, I left the theater satisfied. For the most part. While Interstellar is somewhat flawed, it successes can’t keep it down. Not only is it the most aesthetically astounding of all films released this year, but the most original, with a mind-bending plot hearkening back to the days where science fiction dwelled on larger themes of life, and one’s place in existence. Matthew McConaughey is a fantastic cast lead, hitting all the right notes, but the rest occasionally lack chemistry. The writing can sometimes be wonky as well, with occasional awkward or lack of subtlty in dialogue, a chronic problem in Nolan films that seems to be more prevalent in this film. Nonetheless Interstellar’s jaw-dropping visuals and larger-than-life story, will no doubt leave audiences in awe, and Nolan fans happy. It will easily sweep every technical category at the next Academy Awards.

My Rating:



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