Review: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

As The Lord of the Rings trilogy is ranked among my favorite films of all time, it pains me that Peter Jackson’s farewell entry in his middle-earth saga, once so highly revered, has to be such a steaming pile of garbage. This film seemingly takes note of every flaw so painfully present in the Star Wars prequels, and implements them all, from the horribly awkward and forced dialogue, to the annoying and unnecessary characters to the utterly wasted characters, as well as shoddy visuals, a vomit-inducing love story, a obscene amount of filler to increase the length, and an imbalanced ending with no closure. But while the Star Wars prequels at least gained traction in its final entry, The Battle of the Five Armies takes the already rickety, but watchable previous entries of the trilogy, and crashes and burns. No emotional weight is present, and a minuscule amount of loose ends are tied up. Once the poorly-rendered final battle is over, Martin Freeman’s Bilbo (who shows up quite little for a film titled The Hobbit; a shame as he was quite good in the role) simply heads home, and suddenly that’s it, and the characters that were followed for three films are, for the most part, never heard from again. While the ending did indeed make me sentimental in regards to the Lord of the rings universe, it does so not because I’m sad to see this trilogy end, but because I’m going to have to leave The Hobbit out of future marathons.

My Rating:



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