Review: The Interview (2014)

In regards to the overblown controversy surrounding this film: no matter the content of a film, no matter the audience, and no matter the intent, everything has the right to be made, regardless of who it may offend. The North Korean government, in this case, deserves to be made fun of and put down by everyone. Never pandered to. Hopefully this will not start a trend of big studio misfire decisions. Alright, now for the review.

Being a fan of This is the End the hilarious celebrity mish mash from the same folks (Rogen and Goldberg), a story involving the assassination of Kim Jong Un seemed like the funniest thing in the word. The end result misses its mark, somewhat, but is still pretty entertaining. Franco is consistently over-the-top and annoying as tv-show host Dave Skylark, who, with his producer and friend Aaron (Rogen) is given the opportunity to interview Kim Jong Un (hilariously portrayed by Randall Park). The CIA soon show up and give them orders to “take him out” while there, after which the events of the film unfold. The majority of the humor here consists of incredibly crude, and toilet jokes which are funny to a point, but in a film that wants to double as a satire, it sometimes feels out of place. There are a few great scenes that just rip on Kim and NK, you just wish there were more of them.

It’s a funny film, with several good moments, it just doesn’t have the sharp edge that it could have had. Team America, released ten years ago, was able to secure this balance, and absolutely rips into NK so much more than this film does (a fact that makes The Interview’s controversy even more strange). Regardless, it could be fun to watch with friends, and maybe its moderate success online will change the future of digital film releases. Only time will tell.

My Rating:



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