10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

With 2016 being as amazing as it was with music, it is only fitting that the trend will continue into the new year. Here are the ten records I am most looking forward to that will (presumably) arrive in 2017.

Gorillaz – TBA


The virtual band Gorillaz, the product of musician Damon Album, artist Jamie Hewlett and a slew of collaborators are scheduled to drop their fifth record in 2017. The project has spawned a good handful of great records since its conception with 2010’s Plastic Beach being their best yet. The first single “Hallelujah Money” is a weird, and exciting look into the album’s possible sound.

Arcade Fire – TBA


The multi-talented Canadian Indie Rockers are due for their fifth record. It will be the follow-up to 2013’s acclaimed Reflektor and an Oscar nom for their music in the 2013 film Her. The band is known for an ever-evolving sound, and whatever they come up with next will be likely be a treat for the ears.

Fleet Foxes – Ylajali (?)


A new Fleet Foxes record has been a long time coming (their last was Helplessness Blues in 2011), but the time has come. Front man Robin Pecknold has teased the cover (with the picture seen above) of an album titled Ylajali, suggesting the new album is right around the corner.

Vampire Weekend – TBA


New York indie pop outfit Vampire Weekend have not released a bad record to date, with their last, Modern Vampires of the City, easily being one of the best albums of 2013. Producer Rostam Batmanglij has since left the group, but it should be interesting to see how the group proceeds from here.

My Morning Jacket – TBA


Louisville hometown heroes My Morning Jacket are projected to release yet another album this year. Both 2015’s The Waterfall and Jim James’ 2016 solo record Eternally Even both garnered critical acclaim, and there’s no reason to doubt that they will deliver quality once again.

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy


Father John Misty’s biting and brilliant 2nd LP I Love You, Honeybear was one of 2015’s best albums, and his latest seems even more pissed, jaded, and politically heated than ever. The handful of singles that have released so far have been dense and excellent. Can’t wait for the full thing here in a few weeks.

Courtney Barnett – LP2

2015courtneybarnett_press_miamcdonald_250315-hero_Australian rocker Courtney Barnett made it big in 2015 with her first album Sometime I Sit and Think and Sometimes I just Sit. Her hilariously clever, and lyrics, along with her shearing guitar-playing made her an instant stand out in indie rock, and I’m looking forward to hear where she goes from there.

Beck – LP10


Beck has already released two singles to the follow-up to his last record, the 2015 Album of the Year Grammy Winner Morning Phase, and, if they’re anything to go off of, this new one will be a very different direction for the already prolific musician. LP10 was originally scheduled for last October, but was delayed, so who knows when it will arrive. I’m looking forward to it, though.

Kanye West – Turbografx 16


 Of all the albums on this list, this one is probably the least likely to happen. Ye’s behavior last year was erratic at best, and worrisome at worst, and while Life of Pablo was a bit of a mess, it was an extremely well-produced and endearing one. Whether the man can get his shit together enough for a new album so soon is yet to be seen, but I sure hope so.

St. Vincent – LP5


Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is a national treasure, and I will hear nothing to the contrary. Her last album, 2014’s self-titled was one of the best records of the year, and marked a big jump in her sound. She says her next one is coming this Spring, and I can’t wait to see what turns she makes this time.


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