Quick Takes: March 2018

Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Jack White - Boarding House Reach

Jack White’s latest solo record is a daring, although messy, effort, covering the spectrum from head-bangers to head-scratchers. Its unapologetic weirdness is admirable, and at times irresistibly enjoyable. All of its experiments may not pay off (Jack raps on here to middling effect), but the desire to mix things up a bit is palpable.


Kasey Musgraves – Golden Hour

Kasey Musgraves - Golden Hour

I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a country album this much ever. It’s absolutely loaded with bright and shiny ballads, sickly sweet melodies, and some just plain lovely songwriting. This is country in a pristine modern package, and, upon listening, you’ll wish every mainstream country record sounded this bright and pure.



Mount Eerie – Now Only

Mount Eerie - Now Only

Phil Elverum’s follow-up to the shatteringly sad A Crow Looked at Me (one of the best and most devestating records of 2017) works better as a companion piece to that record moreso than its own standalone album. Phil’s grief is just as overwhelming, and the songs are just as wandering and difficult to listen to. It is, however, more structured and musically varied giving the sense the Phil has begun the healing process. It’s nigh impossible to just pick up and listen, especially without having heard Crow, but it’s an enveloping experience nonetheless.



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